Resources and Publications

This context paper describes Tanzania’s energy mix today, and the energy choices facing its society.

Kenya has overtime formulated and effected a number of policies to govern the energy sector which laid foundation for separation of generation from transmission and distribution in the electricity sub-sectors. The REFiT policy was one of the policies formulated as an instrument to promote investment and generation of electricity from renewable sources.

In this report, civil society experts and academics highlight the urgent need to reshape and redirect financing towards prevention, preparedness and response to any future pandemics.

This publication presents monetary measures of inequality such as expenditure patterns of groups and non-money metric measures of inequality in important livelihood parameters like employment, education, energy, housing, water and sanitation to show the levels of vulnerability and patterns of unequal access to essential social services at the national, county and constituency levels.

Understanding the underlying causes of the debt problem is key to developing and advancing just solutions. In this briefing we look at how the massive debt burdens of global South countries stemmed from a flawed and inequitable international financial system that continues to hold sway today.

From 29th Nov to 2nd Dec 2022 representatives from grassroots movements, advocacy, human rights, and development organisations, feminist movements, trade unions, and other civil society organisations, met in Santiago, Chile,  to discuss the critical role of public services for our future. 

Discover the untold story of how finance has gained unprecedented influence over our lives, subjugating health goals to shareholder values, market fluctuations and failures.

The future of food and the future of life on earth, as well as the solutions to the ecological collapse cannot be found in the logic and hands of those who caused it in the first place. Solutions are in the hands of women, agroecological farmers, social movements and networks that are resisting the disruption of nature and society.