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By becoming a SID member, regardless of your point of affiliation and in addition to your local chapter's benefits*, you will receive:

Access to the Development Journal

This is SID's premier publication, published continuously since 1957 and which brings sharp and critical insights to development policy and practice, as well as sharing lessons and experiences of development practitioners from around the world. Development is published quarterly for SID by Springer Nature.

  • First time members will get a complementary subscription to the print version of one year of Development.
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  • All members have access to the online archive that contains current and back issues of the Development journal (accessible after logging in via this site)

Premier Access to SID Program Publications

The SID Secretariat runs a number of program initiatives in various locations around the world. As a SID member, you will have first-in-line access to new program publications online and you may request for hard copy versions of the same.

SID Newsletter

A monthly update and roundup on programmes, activities, publications and forthcoming events within the global SID network will be sent directly to your e-mail address. It will also from time to time include context-capturing analyses that seek to provide rationales for the activities undertaken by the network as well as on topical issues within the development space.

SID Learning Events

Priority access to SID Learning Events which largely comprise of webinars, web lectures and other demand driven on-line activities that help broaden your understanding and engagement on matters related to ongoing development policy processes.