The Society for International Development (SID), in partnership with Heinrich Boll Foundation, invites you to register and attend the Sustainable Energy Futures Project public virtual workshop on Friday, June 21, 2024. Under the theme ‘Energy Policy & Dilemmas of a Just Transition'.

Learn more about our press conference "Pandemic Treaty Negotiations: Perpetuating COVID-19 Failure?" held on March 12th which shed light on one of the most problematic topics of the Treaty: its financing. 

Considering how neglected the issue of financialization and its consequences is in development circles, the Society for International Development (SID) has planned this workshop mainly aimed at decision-makers to raise awareness and initiate a frank dialogue on how to tackle and reverse this frightening financial trend in health and food, two highly interconnected arenas.  

In this session, the Society for International Development SID will launch the latest publication of its flagship’s Journal “Development” and initiate a prolific dialogue on the concept of One Health that takes into consideration selected regional experiences, ancestral knowledge and alternative points of view.

Don't miss our webinar on Dec 6th, "Food for Health: From Greed to Care," exploring the vital link between food and health systems. Featuring renowned speakers and live interpretation in English, Spanish, Arabic, and French. Register now!

SID with support of the Heinrich Boll Foundation Nairobi, and in partnership with Strathmore University Energy Research Centre held an open and enlightening Public Energy Futures Forum on 17th November 2023, discussing the complexities of Kenya's energy and climate landscapes; the impact of high energy costs on economic growth, and the pathways to address these issues.

Pooja Rangaprasad's intervention resonated profoundly, shedding light on the challenges faced by nations attempting to implement tax legislation. Her insights highlighted a recurring issue where countries, even when endeavoring to enact national-level tax laws, encounter legal battles initiated by powerful corporations. This dynamic has presented a substantial barrier to effective taxation and revenue generation at the national level.

Set during the Africa Climate Summit/Africa Climate Week SID in collaboration with the Heinrich Boll Foundation and the Next Generation Foresight Practitioner (NGFP) Climate Futures Hub hosted an engaging and transformative forum that looked to the horizon of Africa's energy potential under the banner of "Reimagining Africa's Energy Future: An Intergenerational Visioning Exercise."