Voices from the ground II: Transformative solutions to the global systemic food crises

The Civil Society and Indigenous Peoples’ Mechanism (CSIPM) for relations with the UN Committee on World Food Security (CFS) recently launched the Global Report:  “Voices from the ground II: Transformative solutions to the global systemic food crises,” whose recommendations are based on a global participatory consultation process at the grassroot level.** 

Specialized agencies, and financial institutions frame the current global food crisis almost exclusively from a market, war and production perspective. Yet, communities around the world have shared a different picture: official support has overwhelmingly benefited the corporate sector, leaving small scale food producers aside. Governments home to the majority of food and finance corporations benefiting from the current system, are unwilling to effect the structural reforms urgently needed. These include regulation of food and financial trade and markets, curbing speculation on agricultural commodities, tackling tax injustice, canceling illegitimate debt and stopping ecological destruction.

This report tells the stories of those most affected by this multifaceted crisis. It provides rich evidence of the actions taken by youth, women, Indigenous Peoples, peasants, workers, pastoralists, fisherfolks, landless, urban food insecure, displaced persons, to provide practical and strategic responses to the food crisis.  The report also provides the clear short and long-term demands that constituencies set out along the Popular Consultations process; demands to governments and UN systems. These voices from the ground must  be heard to formulate meaningful responses and fundamentally address the food crisis we are facing.