Towards a new Financing for Development Conference (FfD4): Democratizing Global Economic Governance

06 Jul 2022
12:30 - 14:00

The seventh FfD Forum concluded in April 2022 with member states mandating the UN General Assembly to decide on convening the next FfD conference. In a context where FfD outcome documents continue sticking to business as usual and the lowest common denominator of past agreed language, it is clear that the mandates for ambitious decisions to confront the multiple crises in front of us does not exist in the annual FfD Forum process. This is why the Civil Society FfD Group is calling for a new ministerial FfD conference with a strong preparatory process of intergovernmental negotiations that would allow us in civil society to call on our governments to agree on much more ambitious mandates and decisions.

The side event brought together member states and civil society representatives to discuss next steps towards a decision to organise the next FfD conference at the upcoming UN General Assembly.

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