Sick Development Global Launch

06 Jul 2023
15:00 - 17:00

Patients living in poverty in the Global South are being bankrupted by private healthcare corporations backed by multi-million-dollar investments from development finance institutions (DFIs) run by the UK, French, German and other rich country governments as well as the World Bank. Two new reports from Oxfam - Sick Development and First, Do No Harm - find that DFIs are investing development funds in private hospitals that are responsible for serious human rights abuses, overcharging, turning away patients unable to pay upfront, and profiteering during the pandemic. Join report authors Anna Marriott and Anjela Taneja, alongside a fascinating panel of other speakers to explore the report findings, and discuss the role of DFIs in the sector. You can read the reports here:

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Most conversations on Antimicrobial resistance blame patients or doctors for mishandling of antibiotics but this doesn't correspond to the systemic nature of the health crisis, the environment and the food chain. Attend our event as we unpack this further.

As lenders and as borrowers, the private sector plays an integral part in the current debt architecture. What does this mean to debt justice campaigners pursuing system-changing solutions and deep, wide debt cancellation? Do they generate illegitimate debts? What steps do we need to take?

The side event brought together member states and civil society representatives to discuss next steps towards a decision to organise the next FfD conference at the upcoming UN General Assembly.

You can see the full recording of the online event "Beyond the Ukraine war: The new layer of global food crisis from a human rights approach", here.