The ERG’s creation was marked by its initial meeting at the Naivasha Kongoni Lodge from 25 to 28 June 2019. This initial meeting of the ERG offered a lucrative opportunity to bring together energy experts representing different sectors, including policymakers, academia, private sector, CSOs and development banks, to discuss priority areas and key issues affecting the region’s energy sector. The ERG Members discussed the Group’s Terms of reference and effective procedures for energy policy engagement. The special presentations from Hivos East Africa, the African Development Bank, Save Lamu Campaign and the Switch Off KPLC Campaign and the Olkaria Geothermal Power Stations tour featured a highlight informative moments of knowledge and experience exchange among the ERG Members.

The Energy Scenarios for Eastern Africa stimulated the initial conversations about the energy choices society faces today, and the anticipated future events in order to better respond and act. The energy scenarios are to be used not as predictions but as tools. The stories can be used to stimulate new conversations and discussions about our energy choices, test policies and investment proposals. The stories are also used to rehearse reactions to surprising events and facilitate informed discussions around fractious dilemmas. Surprising events could include for example the global shocks in oil prices, or the unprecedented 2019 Coronavirus pandemic.

The Energy Scenarios for Eastern Africa gives the 2018 picture and possible scenarios to consider moving into the future but need to be reviewed against current trends within the energy sector. They can also test and discover possible practical ways to encourage a smooth transition into a gender just, inclusive and sustainable future for all in Eastern Africa.

The Energy Reference Group (ERG) is key for the convergence of these conversations, building a knowledge base, visions, policy and investment recommendations towards a sustainable energy future in Eastern Africa. The monthly discussions within the ERG are envisioned to feed into the ongoing national, regional and global processes towards ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all as envisaged in Sustainable Development Goal 7.


  • High-level Energy policy consultations - identifying policy barriers and solutions towards a sustainable energy future.
  • Energy Policy Analysis Briefs and Reports - effectively communicating solutions for action by various stakeholders.
  • Networking and Partnerships Building - pulling together unusual partnerships and speaking to new audiences for knowledge and best practice exchange.
  • Energy Site Visits
  • Public Energy Futures Forums and Dialogues