Our Work


SID works with a focus on the follow-up and review process of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. SID’s work on inequalities also exposed the extent of political economies in maintaining the current development trajectories, globally, regionally and nationally. This reality changes the nature of policy advocacy, placing much more importance on the scope of the social base that demands for change, rather than relying exclusively on the technical soundness of the proposals being made. The quest for socio-economic justice requires high creative tension promoted by southern-led movements of significant scope outside of existing power structures. This is the reason why, rather than continuing to dive into policy research, SID decided to focus most of its energy in strengthening and facilitating the emergence of civil society collectives that could speak forcefully to demand for change with one voice. 

SID’s values and vision remain focused on advancing a southern-led agenda that can facilitate a rights-based just socio-economic transformation of developing countries and the democratization of economic governance. In this respect, the realization of the rights of all social groups that are primarily affected by development challenges and marginalized by development policies and intervention are the primary concern of the organization.


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